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the trusted supplier of quality electrodes, transmitters, hand-held meters, controllers, on-line analyzers, loggers, telemetry devices and other instruments to measure and control water, waste water and other polluted effluent streams.

We are a wholly owned private Australian company acting as agents and distributors for Hach- Lange, Sensorex, WTW and Jenco products. With nearly 30 years experience in the water and waste water industries, we strive to maintain a high level of personalised service and offer sound technical advice on all equipment we sell. By maintaining adequate levels of stock we eliminate waiting times and routinely meet next day delivery deadlines. Located in Sydney,  Envirosensors sells its products directly to end users Australia-wide and through a national reseller network.


Jenco Instruments Inc. has been continuously represented in Australia for the last 35 years. It was one of the first agencies that provided a full range of hand held meters, transmitters, digital monitors, and controllers. The range of meters covered measurement of pH, redox (ORP),conductivity, salinity, TDS, dissolved oxygen and temperature. These were among the first microprocessor LCD digital display meters to be produced and have received wide market acceptance for their low cost and reliability.

Sensorex Corporation is renowned for their extensive range of pH and ORP electrodes and notably for innovative sensor designs which has established the flat-surface pH electrode as a market leader in process pH and ORP monitoring. In recent years the range of electrochemical electrodes has expanded to include contact conductivity probes as well as a new range of contact-less, toroidal conductivity probes. Similarly, for dissolved oxygen measurement, there is now a wide choice of both laboratory and process/industrial galvanic oxygen cells.
The latest product releases from Sensorex now includes simple low cost transmitters for each of the different types of probes that they manufacture as well as moving into the digital age with smartphone adapters for pH, redox, conductivity and dissolved oxygen

Edt Direct-Ion is a specialist manufacturer of electrochemistry probes incorporating a broad range of half cell and combination reference cell ion selective electrodes. Recent innovations in ion selective probes include miniature solid state flow through cell designs for OEM instrument applications as well as a comprehensive range of ISFET probes and meters for non-glass pH applications.

Hach-Lange GmbH was established in early 2000 as a result of the German instrument manufacturer Dr Lange merging with Hach, an established instrument manufacturer in USA which in turn is part of a group of companies worldwide owned by the Danaher Corporation.
This group now manufactures a range of spectrophotometers, colour and gloss measurement equipment as well as their process water and industrial instrumentation covering a comprehensive range of parameters including LDO dissolved oxygen, ultrasonic sludge level meters, suspended solids and turbidity analysers, Nitrate, Phosphate, Ammonia, COD TOC and SAC analysers.

Arizona Instrument is a specialist supplier of ultra-low level detection of hydrogen sulphide gas and elemental mercury vapour which a necessary OH&S safety requirement for certain mining activities.

WTW GmbH is a recognized world leader in water and wastewater instrumentation which has a complete range of instruments designed for in-house laboratory and factory floor use to robust field use and for large municipal installations involved in drinking water treatment as well as sewage effluent and industrial waste treatment processes. Instruments cover all electrochemistry parameters, pH conductivity, Dissolved oxygen, salinity and temperature, as well as on-line continuous monitoring of such parameters as turbidity, suspended solids, ammonia, nitrogen, phosphate COD,TOC,DOC.SAC and BOD.

Envirosensors is also a reseller of other popular handheld and portable instruments from Temperature Technology, Temperature Control, ECE Fast, APCS, and Eutech Instruments and X-Rite which cover parameters such as temperature, humidity , conductivity, infra-red thermometry and laboratory turbidimetry.